Topology Optimisation

The requirements in the modern lightweight construction, as well as the use of new materials do the component optimisation inalienable tools in the construction process. For the component optimisation different optimisation strategies can be used which are very helpful partly, however, do not substitute for the engineer's knowledge.

The Topology Optimisation serves for the optimisation of components with regard to a maximum stiffness with given weight.

By the Figure Optimisation the draught variables are defined directly in Pro / ENGINEER. They are varied by the program so long, under observance of given restrictions an optimum draught is achieved. Beside weight can be also defined inhergent frequency , tensions or heat losses as a purpose function. As restrictions tension limit values, movements, frequency, temperature values or heat losses stand at the possession.


Optimisation strategy:

1. Definition of the construction space with edge terms

2. Draught suggestion (topology optimisation)

3. Geometry takeover

4. Figure optimisation