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Mission statement

Creativity needs free rooms, the earlier the stage, the more daringly the ideas



The Ingenieurbüro Draier was founded in 1992 by Dipl.-Ing. Roland Draier.

A special main focus is the product development, product analysis and optimisation. For the purpose to improve the quality of the developing data by the untimely application of calculator-supported procedures, and to reduce the developing times the Ing. Büro Draier uses efficient developing methods and calculation methods.

Then in April 2004 the Ingenieurbüro Richter (IBR) was opened for judge which works since then with our engineer's office in Cooperation. The owner is a dipl. engineer (FH) Bernd Richter. The main business operating area is CAE in particular a multi-body system. Bernd Richter can look back at 18 years of experience in this area, in particular with the multi-body system program ADAMS.

The long-standing experiences with different main focuses form a good basis for a sensible, being complementary collaboration.